A Meet-n-Greet (“MnG”) is a prerequisite to all services we offer. Taking place in your home, this is your chance to meet one of our managers and the person that will become your pets’ primary caregiver*.

We take getting oriented to your pets and home very seriously. We will spend about 40-60 minutes getting oriented with you, your home, and your pets; the animals get to sniff us out and ensure we’re worthy of being their sitters! We will clarify all information you have provided in your set-up paperwork, and, if you are ready, we will collect your keys and be ready to go!
MnG’s are offered Mondays-Thursdays, 8-10am or 3:30-6:30 pm, and Fridays 8-10am. If none of these time frames works for you, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate where possible. The one-time charge for the start-up “MnG” is $40.
– Pets with special behavioral or medical needs may require one or more “practice” visits prior to your leaving them in our care, which are charged at normal visit rates.
– A “Refresher” meet-n-greet may be required if you add to your furry family, move to a new home, if there are notable changes to your pets’ routines or health, or if a you have exceed the minimum length of time between visit (one month for dogs, three months for cats). “Re” MnG is $30.
*All households eventually will have a minimum of two caregivers that know and love your four-legged family members, so as to ensure consistency and availability. You will be offered a chance to meet the secondary caregiver if that is of importance to you, but you can always read all about our incredible team of pet lovers here.


Whether your dogs need a long hike or a pop-out into the yard, we’ll meet their needs. We’ll let them handle business, tire them out, even feed & administer medication – and you can relax knowing they’re in the best hands and enjoying their day! Private and Social visits available, whether once per month or seven days per week.


Queenie’s Pets’® caregivers are your pets’ surrogate family and your most trusted resource when you need to travel. We can visit your pets as many times each day as you need, and we’ll also spend the night to keep everyone safe and sound around the clock.

+ Additional Services

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