Take a moment and give yourself major points for bringing a new dog into your life. Pets make us happier and healthier humans with their unconditional love and companionship. However, getting a new dog is a challenge, whether you’re adopting an older dog or a bringing home a new puppy. Did you know there’s a surefire way to make sure your dog doesn’t eat your shoes? Or that there’s a proper method to introduce your pet at the dog park? Puppies require special care, but there are some basics required for all dogs. We’ll get you set up to ensure a successful and harmonious relationship with your new family member, young or old.

So, what’s included in our Puppy and New Dog services? First, this is not dog training. While these sessions do not teach your dog to “come, sit, or stay,” we would be happy to recommend a trainer that aligns with our philosophy!

Instead, we give you tools for the most positive interactions for your pup with humans and other dogs. Our goal is to facilitate a happy, safe and cooperative relationship with your new dog from day one. Even if you’re not starting at day one, we can still help you get there!

$85/hour + opportunity to join our harness and crate rental programs and enjoy great pricing on all of the puppy supplies and food you will need!

Your dog will need safe spaces – both for his own health and well-being, and the safety and integrity of your household and belongings! We will help you ensure your home is a safe, nurturing and fun place for your puppy or new dog and teach you how to set her up for success. This session will include both product recommendations as well as an assessment of supplies you may already have. You will have a list of to-do’s that are simple and clear coming out of this session, and a home that is safe for and from your pup’s curiosity and playfulness!

We will provide a list of recommendations, as well as have items available for purchase (at a 10% discount if purchased during the session).

  • Choosing a crate and how to get your dog to love it
  • Toy recommendations for various chewing and play stages
  • Puppy proofing & house training guidance
  • Safe cleaning products
  • Harnesses, leashes, treat pouches, and other gear for bringing pup out and about
  • Debunking myths about aversive tools
  • Fencing and other fear-free containment systems
  • Selecting a trainer, groomer and/or veterinarian
  • Getting the new dog integrated into the family
  • Safety around children, both for your animal and your children
  • Reliable recall and options for being off-leash
  • Fear-free, force-free approaches to most concerns
  • Teaching a potty command/cue, as well as ringing a bell to go out
  • Safe dog-on-dog introductions & when to begin socialization
  • Understanding body language
  • Selecting a trainer, groomer and/or veterinarian
  • Food brands, feeding portions, food types (kibble, wet, raw, freeze-dried, and more)
  • How to choose the right veterinarian for your pet and your family’s values
  • Tools for healthy eating and weight maintenance
  • Proper exercise for different life stages
  • Understanding your pet’s vaccine schedule
  • Classes and enrichment opportunities
  • Selecting a trainer & groomer