The foundation for starting a professional pet care company will always be loving and wanting to provide care for companion animals. But it is Professionalism, Profitability, and Perfection (“the Three P’s”) that will ultimately lead to your business’s success.

The Three P’s are the particular areas of expertise of Queenie’s Pets® company founder, President and CEO, Adina Silberstein, and can be your key to achieving your goals at every stage in your company’s lifecycle.

Whether you are looking to increase Professionalism or Profitability, your own brand of Perfection will come about in our targeted and customized client-driven consulting sessions. My intent is to tailor our sessions to your individual needs so that you remain in charge while we systematically take on the challenges and goals of your business. Whether you are just starting out, are a small company looking to grow, or are a large company with the need for improved systems and profitability, together, we use your motivations and individual approach matched with my experience and expertise to produce extraordinary results.

We will create organizational systems, set policies and boundaries and boost your confidence in dealing with staff, clients and vendors that will bring unimaginable success to your dog walking or pet sitting company – and it is you that gets to choose how to define ‘success’.

We can cover everything of importance to you – from hiring and maintaining a positive company culture, to long-term retention of employees and clients, to learning how to have work/life balance. Whether we work together only a handful of times or over a long period of learning and growth, you will absolutely come away more professional, more profitable…and your own version of perfect!

I did what you likely did – founded a company based upon my passion and drive. I was quickly surprised and overwhelmed by my company’s exponential growth. I would have given anything to know there was a business coach out there to support me as I consistently reinvented the wheel for every new challenge that arose. Today’s entrepreneurial climate is different – and you can have me as your dedicated listening ear, enthusiastic cheerleader, and strict guiding director so that you never have to invent nor reinvent — believe me, if you’re experiencing it, I have already. Let me support you – and we can work together to ensure that the integrity of the term ‘professional’ has a true meaning behind the word, and will always set us apart from any large conglomerate aiming to sell themselves as professionals whilst utilizing untrained individuals at a bargain-basement cost.

Adina was (and still is) the author of her own successes (and failures), had and continues to have exponential company and career growth – and still endures the many challenges that come with being an entrepreneur and industry leader.

All of our sessions will be conducted via Skype or FaceTime, so that we have the opportunity to truly get to know one another. I am not training you to be me, I’m training you to be the ideal Professional, Profitable, Perfect™ version of you. 

$90/hour or 5 session package for $400.
Special pricing may apply for those with revenues under $75,000.

Our first call is free, so that we can ensure we are a great match.

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