Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits to choosing a professional pet sitter?

Compared to boarding, or hiring a neighbor/family member, a professional pet sitter offers innumerable advantages, including:

– There’s no place like home! A familiar environment, and usual routines of food and exercise, along with the personalized attention a pro pet sitter provides are unmatched in any other situation

– Less exposure to kennel-borne illness, Less trauma of transport and goodbyes

– Having someone in your home is a big home crime deterrent.

– Hiring a professional, as opposed to a friend, a local kid, or a neighbor, ensures that there’s accountability in the care of your animals. There is a precise schedule and the interview process is detailed.

A pro will leave you complete communication about each visit, including notation about anything out-of-the-ordinary, so you know exactly what your pets have been up to and how they are doing.

– Professional pet sitters and dog walkers are trained in their field – they can assist you with training tips, and encounter every pet behavior under the sun – so there is very little we haven’t faced on the job, and very little we don’t know how to manage!

– We are available nearly every day and can accommodate your schedule much more than someone who is just doing you a favor.

I know I want to hire a pro, so… Why choose Queenie’s?

Queenie’s Pets® is highly unique among dog walking and pet sitting companies in Northwest Philadelphia. We walk, but we don’t just walk; we visit cats and caged pets, but we don’t just visit. Every day we hike, swim, play, run, and host whatever fun playdates & adventures we can for the dogs in our care. For our cat, bird, rodent and reptilian clients, we fill our daily visits with the necessities – but also cuddles, singing, loads of attention, and play. These are not “special” services that our pet-parents have to request; this is what we do to keep things interesting and take the word “pet professional” to a much higher level. We get to know your pets and personalize our service accordingly- with dogs, cats, exotics, and everything in between- so that they, and you, get the absolute most from our time together.

In addition to the rockin’ services we provide, our staff are professionally trained by a canine behaviorist (who only works in positive-reinforcement-based methods), and Pet CPR and Pet First Aid certified. It may be true that anybody can hold a leash, but we’ll understand what’s happening on the other end of it!

I’m interested in becoming a client. How do I get started?

Go to the Become A Client page and fill out the form. We’ll get back to you within two business days and we’ll set you and your pets up with a Meet-n-Greet (“MnG”) so we can be on our way to a life-long relationship!

Who will be visiting with my pets?

Every household is assigned a primary caregiver from one of our illustrious staff You will meet them, along with one of our managers, at our Meet-n-Greet and get to know them better through the notes they will leave you about their visits with your animals! Once we establish your household’s care needs, you will be assigned a secondary caregiver whom you will have the opportunity to meet so someone is always available to jump in on any visits you need!

How can I be certain that my home, keys, and pets are secure?

Queenie’s Pets® is fully bonded and insured. In addition, everyone on our staff is employed by our company, not independently contracted. This means they have much more responsibility to the company and with our clients. In addition, each staff member must pass a full background check prior to joining our team

My pet has some fears, minor aggression, or nervous behaviors; will you still work with him or her?

We will do our darnedest! Some dogs (or cats) have fear-based or stress-based aggression/reactivity and/or anxiety that can often dissipate once they come to associate a Queenie’s staffer with the activities they love (food, exercise, cuddles…). With an open dialogue amongst us humans, we can create a plan and timeline to foster a trusting pet-caregiver connection. We ask that you be as open with us about all of their behaviors, triggers, and past history, especially if they have a bite history, so that we may plan appropriately. We may require that a fear-free trainer meet with us together with you and your pet to assess whether the relationship can be a safe one.

My dog is a Pit Bull, Doberman, Rottweiler, American Bulldog or other “bully” breed. Will you provide service anyway?

Queenie’s Pets® policy is that we will work with any breed, any size, so long as they have a happy attitude. Queenie and her staff are entirely opposed to any breed banning – for the company or any municipality.

How do I schedule visits for my pets?

Queenie’s Pets® uses a user-friendly, online scheduling program called “Leashtime.” We will assign you a unique username and password and any time you have a pet-care need coming up for us, you simply log in to your Leashtime account and take care of it easily from there. We’ll show you how it all works- it’s a snap!

My pet requires medication - will you administer it? Is there a charge for this?

Queenie’s Pets® does not charge any additional fee for medicating your pets, so long as your pet is relatively cooperative in the process. A practice visit may be required prior to our taking over care in order to ensure your pet is comfortable taking his or her medications from us.

Where does all of the care take place? Do I bring my pet to you or do you come to me?

All of Queenie’s care takes place in & from your home. Our purpose with in-home care is that the pet gets to remain in his/her familiar surroundings. For daily dog walking clients, we may walk the sidewalks in your neighborhood, go for hikes along the Wissahickon, or take your dog to another pup’s house for an energetic playdate – or, if your dog likes to play party host, we can bring others to your yard!

My schedule changes all the time. Can I schedule with you last minute?

Yes. With our efficient staffing system, we typically are able to accommodate down-to-the-wire requests for existing clients. We cannot guarantee that all last-minute requests can be accommodated, but we always do our best! While additional fees do apply, it is a small price to pay for peace of mind, knowing that your pets’ needs are covered by a pro in a pinch!

Do you offer discounts for daily services?

Queenie’s Pets® offers top-notch service at all times. It is our experience that companies that offer discounts on a regular basis may also offer you discounted-style service. We provide the quality of service to match our pricing- always. We believe that our value is unparalleled.

My dog loves other dogs. Will you socialize him/her?

AB-SO-LUTELEY! Doggie playdates are a hallmark of the Queenie’s Pets® experience! Some pups need really hearty action to balance out their down times. We know that a tired dog is a well-behaved dog, and for a lot of pups, NOTHING wears them out like rigorous playtime with another dog (or two, or three!). While we can’t guarantee a playdate (or other group activity, such as a woods hike) EVERY day, we can assure you that our “regulars” never go for long without seeing their best buds!

Will you provide every-other-day care for my cat(s)?

Cat sitting by Queenie’s Pets® is a minimum of one visit per day. We believe that this is best for the health and welfare of felines for many reasons, including, but not limited to: the chance of knocking over water bowls, locking themselves in closets or basements, becoming ill, and simply to avoid loneliness. Your cat is used to humans being around on a regular basis, being petted or hearing voices and feeling your energy. Loneliness can lead to undesirable behavior, such as furniture scratching, territorial or behavioral marking, loud crying, or mischievous actions. In our experience with daily visits, clients tell us they come home to much calmer cats than they have before.