While most of us wish we could always have our pets with us, it isn’t always an option. Kenneling dogs is a thing of the past, and most pets are at their happiest remaining in their own familiar, comfortable environment. Hiring a professionally trained, in-your-home pet sitter is the ideal way to keep stress levels low with the added benefit of having your home look and be occupied.

Queenie’s Pets’® caregivers are your pets’ surrogate family and your most trusted resource when you need to travel. We can visit your pets as many times each day as you need, and we’ll also spend the night to keep everyone safe and sound around the clock.

Queenie’s Pets® pet sitting services have a structured outline, but the details are customized to the needs of your furry, scaly, or feathery family members to ensure that we are meeting – and even exceeding – their needs in your absence.


Cat care is offered at a minimum of once-a-day, but can be up to three times a day and/or include overnight stays for the most snuggly and social of cats, or if you simply prefer the security of knowing your home is occupied.

Visits with cats always include feeding, water refreshing, litter scooping and medicating if appropriate. If your cat is shy, we will sit quietly and allow them to decide when they are comfortable with our presence; if your cat is social, we will play with toys, enjoy lap and cuddle time, or entertain whatever their preferred means of interactions are!

Please note that a practice visit may be required prior to your vacation departure for any cats requiring medication to ensure your cats will allow us to medicate them safely. Details will be discussed with you at your Meet-n-Greet.

Dog care is offered in the structure of overnight stays with added visits in between/surrounding the sleepover hours to ensure your dog is never alone for too long. Mirroring a typical work-day structure to which your pet might be accustomed, our overnight stays are a guaranteed 12 hours – 8pm to 8am – offering an outing upon our arrival, an outing before bedtime, and another outing before we leave in the morning. Between the outings, there’s assuredly a lot of cuddling and relaxing happening! Feedings and medications are, of course, handled at appropriate intervals as well.

If your pup is used to sleeping in the bed with you, they get to sleep in bed with their caregiver. If your pup knows they must go into their crate when you say “bedtime!,” their Queenie’s caregiver will do the same – or any other nighttime routine that keeps that in their comfort zone.

Between the overnights, we offer visits, either 30 or 60 minute in length, private or social, at either four or eight hour stretches. You can mix-and-match or have each day be the same. We are here to co-create with you the best experience for your pets.

If you will simply be gone for a day trip, we will work together with you and space your visits/walks according to your expected departure and return times.

Please note that, due to liability concerns, we will not share caregiving with anyone that is not a Queenie’s Pets® staff member. A “shared caregiving” agreement must be signed if you expect anyone else to have access to your home whilst we are assigned caregivers for your pets and house.

If your household is made up of both dogs and cats, your pet sitting structure will fall under the dog care outline, and cat care will be included, unless there are any extraordinary care needs (timed medication, more than three cats, etc.). The needs (and wants!) of all of your pets will be met within the structures we offer and you select!

All animals in Queenie’s care require a minimum of once-a-day visits, with rare exception (e.g., some reptiles that do not require regular food or water intake and do not require human handling). Our visits can include: feeding, water refreshing, playing, cage cleaning (where appropriate), out-of-cage-time (where appropriate), filling of foraging toys, checking on heat or cooling sources, and more. If your exotic is a breed or species with which we have less familiarity, we will let you know that, and look forward to learning more about their care needs!

Pricing for cage, tank and exotic pets will be quoted upon learning more about their care needs at your Meet-n-Greet.


All prices are subject to change. Clients are alerted to changes via email and our monthly newsletter. Pricing based on one animal, unless otherwise noted.

30 MIN / 60 MIN

Mon-Fri 8am-5pm
Weekends 8am-5pm
Feeding, scooping, and playing for 30 min, up to two animals/cages. Each additional animal $5.

$22 / $37
$27 / $42

A walk upon arrival, lots of cuddling, a potty break before bed, a sleepover party, plus feeding and a walk in the morning



Fri, Sat, Sun

$115 – $150

Add $10 to the rates above Holiday rates apply to the following holidays plus three days before and after the actual holiday: New Year’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas.

All dogs in the Queenie’s family must be seen on a recurring basis. This can mean our minimum of once per month, or as many recurring visits per week as needed. At this time, we cannot accept clients using our services on an ad-hoc basis. Please see our FAQ’s page to understand more behind this policy.

A minimum of two days’ notice is requested for all visits booked 8am- 5pm, but you may book as far in advance as you’d like; five days’ notice is requested for visits after 5pm.

Weekend visits are booked on an as-needed basis, as far in advance as you’d like or, ideally, with five days’ notice.

Visits booked outside of our requested booking windows can be accommodated, pending staff availability, for an additional $10 charge per visit. Same-day requests are charged at $13 additional and $15 additional on holidays.