Whether your dogs need a long hike or a pop-out into the yard, we’ll meet their needs. We’ll let them handle business, tire them out, even feed & administer medication – and you can relax knowing they’re in the best hands and enjoying their day! Private and Social visits available, whether five days a week or on an as-needed basis. Exclusions apply.

Queenie’s Pets® operates quite differently from your average pet care company, and we reflect this in our relationship with our clients. From the way we create our relationship with you at the outset and throughout our deep commitment to your pets. This is why we want you to be a member of Club Queenie’s-so that you aren’t just our client, but a member of a community of pet parents, with access to a whole lot more than just having your pets receive care like they would from any other pet sitting company you could hire.

So, in order to become a client of Queenie’s Pets®, we do require you first become a member, which also includes the following benefits:

  • 5% discount on all in-store shopping
  • free delivery
  • access to nutritional guidance and expert advice
  • access to special events, educational & learning events & giveaways
  • access to special care options such as dog hiking clubs and puppy camp

**Visits billed ala carte


Kitty Club – $160/year

Pooch Posse – $300/year

Houses with Dogs & Cats Default to Pooch Posse pricing

Hump Day Hikes – $540 billed seasonally (membership add-on, subject to approval based upon energy/health/temperament)

Every Wednesday, sometime between 9:00 and 4:00, we will come grab your pup and take him or her for a big, exciting, hiking, swimming, or super-fun adventure in the beautiful parks and trails that are part of our incredible service area.

Healthy and safe socialization of dogs is a true specialty here at Queenie’s. Our caregivers are trained upon hire and receive continuing education on proper pairing or grouping of dogs by temperament and play style to enhance your pup’s energy output and general enjoyment!

Where doggy daycare can be an over-stimulating experience for some dogs, with too many dogs and not enough human supervision, Queenie’s social visits keep exact track of each dog, who their ideal playmates are, and are grouped with a maximum ratio of one human to four dogs. Your dog gets phenomenal exercise, continues or learns to be social, and doesn’t get overtaxed .

Your dog can be social sometimes or all the time – feel free to mix-and-match with Private Visits!

Social visits may involve a neighborhood group walk, a hike in the woods of Fairmount Park, a swimming excursion in the Wissahickon, or an off-leash playdate in a fully fenced-in yard.

*Please note, some dogs scheduled for social visits may end up being solo at no additional charge if no dogs in your pets’ ideal social circle are booked at that same day and time.

PRICING *Queenie’s Membership is required to book dog walking services*

  • 30 minute social walk — $25 (price for one dog, $5 per additional dog)
  • 60 minute social walk — $42

*Fees may apply for visits on holidays, weekends, and after 5:00PM – see FEES section for more information

*Your dog’s sociability is at the discretion of our team’s evaluation, and our first 1-2 visits will always be private to ensure we let your pet sniff us out individually for a couple of get-acquainted walks so that we may properly select playmates for them!

Whether your dog doesn’t like other dogs, is recovering from or prepping for surgery, temporarily isn’t feeling well or you just want them to have some one-on-one time with their caregiver, we are happy to accommodate all types of pups and personalities!

PRICING *Queenie’s Membership required to book services*

  • 30 minute private walk – $32
  • 60 minute private walk – $49

Some dogs have mobility issues, are fearful of leaving their own premises, or simply love nothing more than a romp or game of fetch in their own space – or even a swim in your pool! Our goal is to customize our visits to suit your pets’ best interest. If it is your preference that your pet stay on your own property – whether for health or behavioral reasons – we are happy to accommodate that for you. Yard visits are offered at the same visit-lengths as our walks – 30 or 60 minutes.

Yard visits may be social or private, depending upon your dogs’ needs. If you prefer your dog stays on your own property, but still be social, your yard must be a safe place into which we can bring other dogs for off-leash play. Priced as dog walks.

Applicable fees may include but are not limited to the following:

  • Weekend surcharge – $5 per visit
  • Evening surcharge (after 5:00PM) – $5 per visit
  • Last minute cancellation (outside of 48 hour notice) – cost of visit
  • Last minute booking (1&2 day’s notice $10, same day notice $13)
  • Holiday bookings – $10 per visit
  • Overnight package – base package starting at $145 (customizations available)
  • Additional Pets (more than one dog, more than two cats) – $5 per pet