How to be Extra with Your Cat

Now that we’ve got your attention let us explain. Some people believe that cats are easy, low-maintenance pets. It’s why many adopt them! But cats have just as many social, emotional, and physical needs as dogs and other domesticated pets. Cat owners who meet these needs aren’t “extra” or over the top; they’re great kitty parents! 

We know the cat moms and dads here at Queenie’s already do most of the things on this list. So, we hope you enjoy this tongue-in-cheek guide on how to be ‘extra’ with your cat! 

Extra Stylish: Get Them Groomed

Grooming your cat benefits their health and overall well-being, but we won’t pretend Walter doesn’t look extra handsome with a lion cut! Lion cuts are suitable for long-haired cats who are prone to matting. The lion cut reduces hairballs and excessive heat but can make your cat susceptible to sunburn. Make sure to consider your cat’s lifestyle, and when in doubt, always check with your veterinarian. 

Short and long-haired cats benefit from daily care! Here are some simple-to-use products you can incorporate into regular maintenance.  

Extra Flavor: Mix Wet and Dry Food

Imagine a bowl of your favorite yogurt. Now imagine it sprinkled with granola. That’s how we think cat food ought to be served! While wet food is often viewed as a treat, it’s actually a far more nutritious food source than dry food and provides hydration. We recommend thinking of dry food as a treat and adjusting portions accordingly. If you want to be truly extra, you can give absolute top-quality nutrition with raw food. 

As you fill out your pantry, Queenie’s Pets trusts these cat-approved brands:

Extra Stimulating: Engage Your Cat

Cats don’t just love food and scratches behind their ears. They crave mental stimulation, too! You may already be a pro in this area, and your cat might be obsessed with her AvoCato by Kong, but… you can take it a step further. My Intelligent Pets cater to your pet’s intelligence by giving them a mental puzzle solved with physical activity. So if your cat wakes you up at 4 in the morning to play, this line of toys might be the perfect gift for you. Even if your cat is a good sleeper, give it a whirl and see how much happier and healthier they become. 

Some of our favorite My Intelligent Pet Toys

Extra Belonging: Cat House for Outdoor Cats

Your outdoor cat loves the outdoors. You see the spark in his eye every time he darts off on an adventure after being home to feed. Did you know that even cats with the most wanderlust like a designated space to sleep? Build a small cat house for your outdoor cat. Let them feel the security of a safe place to sleep without pouring water on their wild flame. They’ll feel safer, happier, and more connected to your home. And you’ll have an awesome project to share on Pinterest!

Here are some of our favorite types of plywood: 

We’re kidding. We’re pet people! We don’t have favorite plywood, but here is a resource to help you build your cat house!

Extra Fun: Fox Frenzy Toy!

We know you can’t play when you’re at work, but now your cat can! Thanks to some innovators, who we imagine are also extra with their cats, your cat can have fun even when they are alone. Foxy Frenzy is a USB-charged toy that will flail all around your house. Your cat can study, inspect, and chase the toy. The tail follows an irregular pattern of behavior, which keeps your cat guessing what its next move will be. Fox Frenzy is perfect for the cat who wants to play longer than their humans ca handle. Where humans grow tired, Foxy Frenzy goes on!  

Check out Foxy Frenzy here:

Extra Carry-on: Cat Backpack! 

If you love your cat and you have a back, boy oh boy, do we have a treat for you! Take your cat literally everywhere you go with a cat backpack. The cat backpack is designed for your and your cat’s comfort. The mesh lining gives your cat fresh air and access to her immediate surroundings without putting her at risk. Because the backpack is hands-free, you can even run errands around town with your cat in tow. If someone accuses you of being extra for this, you can look them square in the eye and say, “yes, I am extra. Extra lucky because my cat is here.” We then recommend holding fierce eye contact for ten seconds or until they walk away (to go home and order their own cat backpack).

Our favorite cat backpacks:

Extra Hydration: Get Your Cat a Cat Fountain

While the Bellagio Fountains are beautiful, you don’t need to master aqueducts to knock this one off your list. Cats love moving water. They’re drawn to it. If you’ve ever seen peering from behind the shower curtain while you bathe, it wasn’t to be creepy! He’s drawn to the water! When you replace your cat’s regular water dish with a fountain, you modify your world to suit their instincts instead of the other way around. Your cat will drink water more readily and be more hydrated. While all cats benefit from a water fountain, it’s vital for cats who favor dry food. Dry food diets leave a cat more susceptible to dehydration. A water fountain can help counteract that!  

Water fountains we like:


Extra Rewards: Give That Cat a Treat!

We don’t know who did the original marketing for pet treats, but we suspect it was a dog! Somehow, dogs get all the treat-press. We’ve met non-dog-owners who walk around with a bone-shaped treat in their pocket “just in case” they run into a dog. So today, we (you and us) are raising awareness about cat treats. Not only do cats love treats, but you can have a lot of fun with the options. Did you know that Caru makes cat smoothies? That’s right; you can have smoothie Tuesdays with your cat now! If you’re into crunchy snacks, chances are your cat is too! So pop your kitten a Tiki Cat Crunchers next time you open up a bag of Tostitos and let the food-bonding commence! 

We recommend trying out: 

So, listen. We don’t think any of this is extra. We believe it’s simply taking care of your cat. We wrote this guide so cat owners everywhere can defend their choices if they feel it’s necessary. But, we will go on the record saying that if building a cat house is extra, then we wouldn’t want to be any other way! And besides, we would choose to be “extra” over insufficient any day. 


But, yeah. 


We might be a little extra. 


Just a little. 


Like a tiny bit.