Patti, Client & Staff Services Manager

Get ready to meet Patti, the ultimate animal enthusiast who’s been in the game for the past two decades. She’s all about working with dogs and their owners, bringing her extensive knowledge of animal behavior and training to the table.

Patti’s roots lie in the lively city of Philadelphia, where she grew up in a tight-knit family of four girls. Her upbringing was influenced by her father, a respected 40 year veteran from the Philadelphia Fire Department. Talk about a strong foundation!

Patti is not just your average pet enthusiast. She’s the voice behind the phone, handling all the service and scheduling for those furry visits. She knows the ins and outs of making sure those pet appointments go smoothly. She’s like the superhero of pet coordination!

Patti’s true passion flourished when she found herself in the pet care industry. Her dedication to understanding the unique needs of every animal she encounters is truly admirable. She knows that animals thrive on routine and personalized care, and she’s committed to delivering just that. It’s no wonder she’s found her perfect fit at Queenie’s, where her values align with our exceptional animal welfare culture.

When Patti’s not busy being the voice behind the phone or ensuring pets have the best care possible, she calls Philadelphia home. Alongside her partner and three beloved dogs, her household is a haven of love and compassion. Patti’s commitment to the well-being of animals runs deep, and her furry family is a true testament to that.