Mike, Caregiver

Mike is a Flourtown native, and has loved animals all his life! With a mother allergic to fur, he had to take advantage of any pet opportunities he could! Friends, family, people out for walks, no one could hide from his dog excitement! These days, he has two rabbits named Dot and Dandelion, and cats named Ada and Frank as the furry friends of the household.

Mike wanted to work at Queenie’s so he could meet lots of wonderful pets in his area, and give them all excellent care! His passion for animals combined with his desire for a more outside-the-box kind of job made Queenie’s the perfect place to apply his skills. As it’s an extremely rewarding experience in its own right to help pets be their happiest selves, doing so for work makes it extra sweet!

When he’s not providing top quality care to the pets of Philly, Mike can typically be found gaming with his friends, watching movies with his roommates, or jamming on the guitar for his pets. He loves a beautiful day outside to read a book in a hammock, and cooking meals for friends and family. Most of all, though, Mike enjoys spending some quality time with the furry friends that make life worth living!