Lisa, Caregiver

Lisa has loved animals since toddlerhood, when her mother brought home the family’s first Siamese cat. When she grew up, she rescued several Tabby cats from Philadelphia shelters and finally, later in life, Lisa got a dog, Missy. When Missy died, Lisa’s children begged her not to get another dog because losing one was too painful. That was when they rescued Ginger, and although the love for Ginger ran deep, Lisa’s heart still had too much room left in it for more pets. When her husband Michael told her Queenie’s was hiring, she realized that she could enjoy dogs (and more cats) again along with the local neighborhood’s natural beauty. Lisa also loves working with a team of pet professionals who are dedicated to providing loving care to their “charges”.

When not caring for pets, Lisa enjoys activities with her twin college students and her husband. She also reads mystery stories and is a big fan of “The Incredible Dr. Pol.”

Lisa has been a member of Team Queenie’s since 2019