B, Caregiver

B grew up in Florida and found herself in Philadelphia after falling in love with the city while visiting friends. She specifically chose Mt. Airy after being taken by the fact that you can live in the woods while also being in the city and sees it as a true “hidden” treasure of Philly.

B has been a pet caregiver for over six years including while living in other places like Chicago and Baltimore. Wherever she is, she always finds herself going back to it as a career choice. She left the dog walking world briefly to become a carpenter but couldn’t stay away from pet care and now finds herself at Queenie’s, stoked to come back to such a rewarding job.

B has two pups of her own– a Chihuahua named Banshee and a blind Papillon named Hildy. When not providing care for them or to any pets under Queenie’s care, she loves making furniture and learning more about making art with wood.