Dog-friendly Activities in Northwestern Philadelphia

Heyooooo! Team QP, checkin’ in! The weather is finally warming (slowly), and we at Queenie’s Pets® know the thought on every dog’s mind: maybe it’s time I take my human out for some fun. We couldn’t agree more, doggos. The real question is, what’s the coolest, most awesomest thing to do with your humans this weekend?! Well don’t you worry your little tail off – we’ve got a whole list of activities in the Northwestern Philly neighborhoods that humans AND dogs can do together. 

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Ok, now, here are some of our absolute favorite pet-friendly spots to hit up for some fun in the sun!

Best In Brew

Chestnut Hill Brewing Company

Chestnut Hill Brewing Company is a place for beer lovers, food lovers, and animal lovers alike. The brewery regularly carries eight to ten beers on draft and even has a new taproom open next door. You can order food inside from any of a number of booths (pizza, sushi, chicken wings…the list goes on) OR shop for something in the indoor market. If you’re on the pizza train, you can order inside and pick a spot with your pup in the sun (or the shade) and a server will bring it to you. While you and your dog are checking the place out, make sure you stop to say hello to one of the CHBC mascots – giant, extremely friendly and handsome Newfoundlands aptly named Hops and Barley who will no doubt be hanging around in the shade. Some establishments accept dogs, Chestnut Hill Brewing Company wants them to come hang. Even though there’s plenty of water available on-site, you should totally bring one of our new favorite accessories – Asobu Dog 33oz Travel Water Bottle with Attached Pet Water Bowl. It is insulated, titanium, and the bowl actually screws on and off the bottom!

Attic Brewing Company

If you’re looking to branch out, head down to Germantown and hit up Attic Brewing Company. Not only do they brew their beer on site, they’ve got a dog-friendly outdoor area that seats 300 dogs – sorry, we mean people (and dogs). In January of 2020, it was the first brewery to open in Germantown in a hundred years! They offer rotating beer on tap, live music, and even tours of their brewery! The low key outdoor atmosphere and the scent of Dekes BBQ available next door, will have your pup begging to pay Attic Brewing Co a visit. Don’t forget your Guardian Gear Reflective Rope Leash, some Mika & Sammy’s Philly Beef & Cheese treats, and of course, your ID so you can drink beer with the best (dogs!)

Best for Caffeine Cravers

High Point Cafe

High Point Cafe will be the high point of your day… (haha, get it?!). High Point features outstanding coffee, a lovely atmosphere, and delicious crepes (for humans, sorry pups). With two locations (our favorite is right by the train station), they are a staple in the community and even have their own weekly street fairs (High Point Sunday Markets) complete with live music, food, and local vendors (even Queenie’s Pets® can sometimes be peeped there) all Summer long. So strap on your Kurgo Running Belt, grab your doggo, and head to High Point. Then, while you enjoy some fresh brewed coffee in the sunshine, take a stroll in the woods, which just so happen to have an entrance right across the street! 

Best for Adventure Seekers

Wissahickon Valley Park

Ok, when you think “doggie adventure” what comes to mind. Homeward Bound? Lassie? Well for us, it’s the Wissahickon Valley Park. This 1,800 acre park is where our pups look forward to going the most, All. Year. Long. This historic park boasts miles of well-marked trails (some of which bikes and horses are not allowed on), many different entrances with ample parking, and multiple historic landmarks for you and your furry friends to explore. If you’re feeling ambitious you could hike up to either of the two stone statues (Henry Houston and Teedyuscung) OR take a dip at Devil’s Pool. But best of all from our pups’ point of view: Dog Beach at Kitchen’s Lane Bridge. During the warm months, dogs of all sizes gather to swim, play fetch, and dig in the sand at this deep, slow-moving pool of the Wissahickon Creek. Everybody shares toys at Doggie Beach but if you’re thinking of bringing something to the party, consider at ChuckIt! Breathe Right Ball which floats AND makes breathing with it in your mouth a breeze. One menace to watch out for in the Wissahickon during the warmer months for both you AND your dog is ticks. They get crazy around here and are a pain to deal with. You can fend them off with Tickless, the chemical-free ultrasonic tick repeller. You can buy human and dog versions that simply clip right on to your shoe or her collar and last all year long.  

Forbidden Drive

Do you and your pup like to have some space when you’re enjoying the outdoors? Well Forbidden Drive was made for you. This twenty-five foot wide trail got its name because, well, it’s forbidden to drive there! One of the most popular trails in Wissahickon Park, it’s open to humans, horses and cyclists but dogs reign queen on this 5.35 mile path that curves right alongside the Wissahickon Creek. If you decide to park at the Northwestern Ave entrance, you can enjoy a nice snack at the Cedar’s House. Or you could decide to stop at the entrance at Valley Green Inn which boasts a glorious pet-friendly special event space. The best part about Forbidden Drive is that it’s almost all flat terrain that is easily navigated by even the youngest and oldest of pups. Not to mention, the plethora of places to stop for a drink or a swim in the Wissahickon along the way. Philadelphia does have a strict leash law so we recommend a Guardian Gear Long Training Lead to give your furry buddy some space to swim and chase her ChuckIt! Amphibious Zipflight frisbee (yeah, that’s right, it floats too).

Best for Those Who Like to Party

Petapalooza 6/12/22

Of all the palooza’s, this is the best one. Scheduled for Sunday June 12th, Petapalooza is a three hour event designed for the best four-legged fellows in all of Germantown and their two-legged companions. Let your pet enjoy doggie pools and being the subject of a pet caricaturist while little humans have their face painted! If you don’t have a furry friend to bring to petalooza, don’t worry! Over a dozen pet rescue and adoption agencies will be at the event with animals searching for their forever homes. To help make the most of your pet-parenthood, top pet service providers, like Queenie’s Pets, will be on site providing information and support for you and your furriest relatives.

East Falls Farmers Market – PAWsome Event 9/7/22

You can keep it local at the East Falls Farmers Market throughout the year. BUT the best time to visit them is most definitely their annual PAWsome Event in the early Fall. Their date for 2022 is September 7th and we will DEFINITELY be there! No, seriously, we have a table and a tent and everything! There will be pet-related vendors, homemade dog treats, and even some fun games and music. On every other weekend, East Falls Farmer Market is the perfect way to get your shopping done without having to leave your dog (or cat) behind. To keep your hands free and your pup in tow, make sure you bring either your Outward Hound Pooch Pouch Carrier (for the littles) or your Kurgo K9 Excursion Reflective Running Leash.

When you and your buddy are in this part of town, let’s face it, you’ve got options! Whether you’re early morning creatures who want to walk the streets with a cup of joe from High Point, or all-day adventurers, hiking in the Wiss, Northwest Philly has something for every dog and human. The question isn’t which will you try, but rather which will you try today? Enjoy a Spring, Summer, and Fall of outdoor fun with your fur family!

Plan your first outing and be sure to get all of the supplies ahead of time! Order online or come into the shop to see what essentials are right for your pup or cat.