Marlena, Caregiver

Marlena was born and raised in New Jersey. Even though she was never allowed to have a dog growing up, her loved for dogs and other animals never wavered. Marlena started a career as a pastry chef and worked in many of the city’s most popular restaurants, but would volunteer her free time at a local shelter. She also worked closely with rescues to help change society’s view of “bully breeds”. She soon realized that, although baking was enjoyable, it’s was not where her heart was. 

So, she changed career paths and started working at a primary care vet and now works full time at an emergency vet hospital overnight. Professional pet care is where she feels like she belongs. Joining the Queenie’s team helps keep Marlena and her beloved pittie, Tilly Banana, active. She enjoys leading group walks through the woods and training her foster dog, Promise (who is available for adoption through the Paw It 4Ward foundation).

Marlena has been on Team Queenie’s since 2016.