Kaley, Caregiver

Kaley was raised in upstate New York and lived there until July of 2018, when she moved to Chestnut Hill. She has been surrounded by pets her whole life, ranging from cats and dogs to chinchillas and parakeets. She always knew she wanted to work with animals in some capacity. She got her first opportunity after high school at a grooming salon, working as a grooming assistant. Over the next few years her life took her to various jobs in other fields but serendipitously, she came across Queenie’s shortly after moving to Philly. She knew she had to seize this opportunity to once again fulfill her desire to work with and care for animals and to work amongst a team that shares her passion. Her life goal is to some day run her own animal rescue.

When she’s not pet sitting, Kaley can usually be found at home snuggling with her cat, Pepe Silvia, reading Harry Potter, or painting.

Kaley has been on Team Queenie’s since 2018.