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Sheila is a retired Human Resources professional and writer, who joined Queenie’s Pets to do what she has always wanted to do--care for other people’s dogs and cats.

When Sheila was 5 years old, she took a friend’s St. Bernard for a walk, and she was hooked. Soon after the friend bought her a puppy, and for the next 15 years, she and Tag were inseparable. He went everywhere with her, including back the Wissahickon, where she and her pals would get lost, and Tag would show them the way home. She also cared for a feral stray cat she named Roy Rogers after her childhood hero. Roy was befriended by Tag and lived in her back yard for a number of years.

As an adult, Sheila has had a myriad of cats, parakeets, and hamsters. She continued to walk friends’ dogs on occasion, especially her granddogs, Ozzy and Luna, until, sadly, they moved away. She and her husband now live with Sofie, a rescued tabby , who actually rescued them from the sadness of losing a treasured furry friend.

Their daughter, Tara, has continued the tradition of being a pet lover by caring for rescued iguanas, and adopting Luna, a dog she cared for and whose owners never returned. Luna and her brother Ozzy, make a very happy, pet-centered family with Tara and Sheila’s grandchildren, Andrew and Julia.

Sheila loves caring and playing with Queenie’s Pets, and she can’t count the number of smiles they’ve produced. Working with pets has ensured that she is permanently in a good mood.