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Philly Mt Airy Chestnut Hill Germantown Pet Sitting


Let us reduce your stress and task-load! We will pick up your pet(s) and bring them to their grooming appointment or routine vet appointment when you aren’t able! We’ll also transport the dog you share with your ex between households, so that you can avoid any uncomfortable exchanges….it isn’t always easy, and we know that.

Charged per hour for a five-mile radius (hourly + mileage for farther distances), we'll help you with these tasks that are often difficult to schedule outside of your busy work day.

Moving is already a very stressful task – figuring out the safest, most comfortable way to move your beloved animals can add a whole new dimension to that stress. Airplane cargo holds can be noisy, too hot or too cold, and your pets may be handled by strangers who may or may not know anything about animal health and safety. Let us transport your pets for you, in the comfort and temperature-controlled confines of our own vehicles, with stops for mealtimes and leg-stretches (and lifts) and maybe even some sleep. Our staff can help you – whether it’s moving across-town or across the country, we'll transport your furry (or feathered) ones with the utmost care and safety.

Price varies based upon number of pets, distance to travel, and individual pet profiles.