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With a minimum of three visits per day, or the option of a caregiver staying overnight in your home, Queenie’s loving caregivers are here to make your dogs feel as though you aren’t even gone. Staying in their own home, your dogs will have their routines maintained as close to normal as possible –feedings, romps, play time, and snuggles. If they’re used to sleeping right next to a warm body in bed at night – we're happy to be your stand-in!

You may do any combination of 30- or 60-minute visits, and/or overnight care to best suit your dogs’ needs as well as your budget. We require a minimum of three visits per day for dogs (or up to four), or an overnight stay combined with at least one visit in the middle of the day to offer attention, relief and exercise.

Cats need their human interaction time just as much as dogs. Whether it’s tossing around some toys, leaping after a string toy, chasing a laser beam, or simply wanting a lap in which to curl up, your kitty will have her needs met by Queenie’s caregivers while you’re away. With a minimum of one visit per day (or up to three), we’ll handle feeding, fresh water, litter scooping, and medications – but, best of all, we’ll enjoy pets and cuddles, lap time or simply talking to the shy ones as they enjoy their favorite hiding spots.

Overnight care (in your home) is also available for cats for added peace of mind. While most kitty parents don’t opt for this service on a regular basis, if you're gone for a longer stretch, and your kitty is used to sleeping in the bed with you or having you home for many hours each night, it can be a wonderful option to lower stress levels and aid in your cats’ comfort. Also, this helps your home to look “lived in” for added safety. Feel free to have us do overnights every night – or pepper a couple in here-and-there.

Many families have a mixture of species of pets in their home, all requiring their own brand of love and care while you are away. We will dole that love out to everyone, making sure that the cats, birds, ferrets and whomever else get just as many of their needs met as the dogs – with Queenie’s, no one is a second-class family member!

Avian care is very specialized and individually tailored to your birds’ needs. From cage cleaning to out-of-cage time, to the refilling of foraging toys, we have experience with both common and exotic species. As birds often have a challenging time when their owners leave home, we strive to mimic your routines with them as much as possible. With a minimum of one visit per day (and up to three), rest assured we'll care for your winged friends with a song in our voice!

Please note that pricing for avian care varies, dependent upon your birds’ needs (and number of birds in household). Pricing starts at $18.50 for 30 minutes for two common birds or one exotic.

Whether you have a rabbit that wants to hop around outside his cage, a ferret who wants some snuggles, a turtle who needs fresh veggies, an iguana who needs her nibbles or fish tanks that need minding, we are available to care for any of the non-human residents of your household!

Minimum of one visit per day (or up to three). Pricing varies, dependent upon how many cages/tanks you have. Pricing begins at $18.50 for 30 minutes.