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Puppies need lots of extraordinary care. We'll visit as many times a day as the little one needs, easing your house & crate training. We'll model after your training preferences, with a focus in positive-approach tools such as clicker training (ask us!). We'll work on leash skills and socialization, and hopefully create a life-long relationship with your pup and you! Ask us about special pricing for multiple visits per day.

Whether your dog doesn’t like other dogs, isn’t feeling well or just wants some one-on-one time with her walker, we are happy to accommodate all types of pups and personalities ~ your dog can be walked solo at no extra charge.

Queenie’s specialty is wearing your pup out – and this is best accomplished by a hearty hike on the trails of Fairmount Park and Valley Green, a swim in the fresh, flowing waters of the Wissahickon Creek, or at a fenced-in yard gathering of a group of like-minded pups, to frolic and romp as a pack! Queenie’s staff is trained in pairing dogs appropriately for play style and personality, and we’ll give your dog-loving-dog the time of his life each and every time. Everyone knows that a tired dog is a well-behaved dog!

Queenie's Pets® specializes in caring for aging and disabled pets. We provide loving, gentle and focused care for those with exceptional needs. We are trained in medication administration (both oral and subcutaneous) and do so with a calm touch. All pets deserve the most dignified care as they pass through more challenging stages of life.