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Adina has been involved with animals her entire life. Growing up in a household with dogs (from champion show dogs to goofy rescues), cats, birds, fish, hermit crabs, hamsters and more, she fell naturally into pet sitting in high school. She worked in the Pachyderm house as an intern at the Philadelphia Zoo and volunteered at the Animal Rescue Force (ARF) in New Jersey throughout Junior high and high school. Adina supported herself through college by pet sitting for politicians in Washington, DC. After living in Europe and a few places in the United States, Adina returned to Philadelphia to work in and support the community she most loves, Northwest Philadelphia. 

Adina immediately resumed caring for some of the pets she knew in her younger years, and it wasn’t long before her ‘side job’ of pet sitting was overtaking her ‘real’ job. Thus was born Queenie’s Pets®, LLC, in 2006. With a community-based staff, Adina believes in building community through exceptional pet and home care. Her philosophy is that we are more than “just the dogwalkers”; we are family, friends and pet-related advice-givers. We’re there when a “new arrival” joins you and there to hold your hand when your pet may be leaving this world. Adina looks forward to not only caring for your furry ones, but to seeing you around and about the local area!

Adina knows she has the best job in the world and is grateful for every client that makes this career possible. Adina lives in East Mt. Airy and is mom to four rescues: Moxie (a yoga-loving tuxedo cat), Mouse (a feisty, Maine Coon cat), Governor Monkey (aka "The Sheriff," - a Border Collie-esque Mutt) and Melo Drama (a complete goober-a Rottweiler-Sheltie-esque Mutt).

Adina is a Certified Canine Massage Therapist.