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Lisa was born and raised in Lancaster County and just recently moved to Philadelphia. As long as she can remember, Lisa has had a love for animals. Whether it was playing with her grandmother’s farm cats, petting the passing dog on the street or cuddling up to her own family’s pets, she could never see herself without animals in her life.

Lisa has two dogs in her family-Pippin, a mutt, and Merry, a Miniature Poodle, whom she loves with all her heart. Lisa firmly believes that Pippin is the best hugger out there.

As Queenie's Office Administrator, Lisa is at the heart of QP operations. Being able to help our team of caregivers and managers operate smoothly with the pets and households in their care means that Lisa, in essence, gets to work with animals, which is truly a dream come true for Lisa.

Outside of work, Lisa enjoys photography, traveling and time outdoors. She attended Kutztown University for Electronic Media and has a passion for art as well.